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Guideline Or Calculating the W-2 Wages from a Paystub 

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Tax season is one of the most dreaded time of the year. Unlike what many people believe, that you need the W2 form to calculate the tax returns if you do not have the form, there is no need or you to wait forever because the same information that will come with the W2, you can get from none of your paystubs. Here is some guidance on how you can use your paystub to calculate the W2 wages.

If you are not familiar with the tax process or the payroll, there are the paystub, the W-2 and the final pay stub, which are different and that can get you all mixed up and knowing the difference between the three is, therefore, the first thing that you should do. The paystub is what you get every payment period from the employer, which will include the amounts that you have made in that period, the deductions and the taxes that have been withheld from your total net earnings. Check out at

There is then the final stub, which you get annually and shows the net and the gross income for the whole year. The W2 form basically shows the total taxes that have been withheld from your paycheck. This form will also tell you how much you have made all year, the net income, and waiting for it is not necessary if you can actually calculate the W-2 wages from the paystubs.

Whilst the paystub may not be exactly the same as the W-2, it still has all the information that you need. Before the taxes withholdings and the deductions, there is the total amount that you make all year which is the gross income and is the first thing that you fond. This total, which will include the overtime pays, the commissions and the bonuses will be in the paystub. Subtracting the non-taxable wages will be the next step here.

These include the disability wages, the employer insurance, and the gifts and the partnership income among others which you will all add up and subtract from the gross income. The next thing that you will take out will be the deductions. You will then determine the total local, income and federal taxes that are usually withheld from your earnings each year. You will then multiply them by the number of times that you are usually paid in a year and then you will end up with the total annual taxes. The final step will then be subtracting these total taxes from the number that you go after subtracting the deductions and the non-taxable wages and you will have your W-2 earnings. This is not a hard process and that means that you don’t really have to wait for the W-2 form. You can click here for more details.

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